Bus Model

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone knew of a bus model kit that would approximate the bus in the picture below?

Thanks if you can assist.


Hi Stephen.

The quickest way to browse through some options is to jump on the Scalemates website and do a search for “bus” in the kits page.

bus* - Scale Modeling Search (scalemates.com)

You can narrow down the search for scale and other criteria as needed from there.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, D

Reminds me of Aoshima 1/32nd scale Bonnet bus kits

But the pictured bus may be older, visually closer to a late 40’s model, like this 1946 Dodge, for instance

The “best” match I’ve found is a resin 1/25th scale Dodge from Resin Model Ranch


I’m not sure if it still available though…


Roden did a 1/35th scale bus on an Opel Blitz chassis

The rear end has less windows though …

Edit: See below, post by HeavyArty

The Bonnet Bus option is probably the best way to get what you are looking for. It can be made into just about any model year bus by replacing the front-end w/a 1/25 pickup truck front end. I have seen it made into '50s and '60s buses by doing this. Someone made the MASH bus this way a while ago. You will also have to swap the side door and driver’s position to the opposite sides.