C15Ta Armored truck in Israel?

Hi ! I wonder if the C15Ta armored truck was used by the Isreali Army in its pure form, as a truck. I found a conversion set with a turret, but no photo of the truck in its original form. Has anyone any photo or reliable information? In this case, Google was not my friend…Thanks in advance!

Mark Hazzard (who occasionally posts here as “hazzardm”) is a bit of a Ninja on all things IDF; if he doesn’t spot this you might perhaps be able to send him a PM to elicit his views.

You can tag him, if he is on the new forum, but I cannot find him. I doubt if he took the leap yet…

Plausible, but unlikely - or at least not for long.

On one hand, these vehicles were modified locally, so the Hagana (and later the IDF) obviously had a access to the original versions.

On the other hand, the situation during '47 was so desperate, that even unarmored CMP and WC51/52 trucks were converted to makeshift armored cars; in this situation I don’t see how even a single C15TA, which was based on the Otter and therefore was already armored, could’ve been spared from being converted to an armored car.

In any case, I’ve seen plenty of photos of the modified versions, but not a single one of an original C15TA in Hagana/IDF service.

Just my 2 cents, although I’d love to be proven wrong…