Calling all Leatherneck tankers

With my plan to build up my M48A3 as one at Gitmo failed I’ve opted for 1st Tank at Pendleton doing beach training, circa 1971. First question I have is where did the support wires for the wading exhaust hook into? Logically, it looks like the two tie down/lift rings to the rear of the engine vents, but … Second, how much bric-a-brak(Jerry cans, track links, road wheels) would have been carried externally during amphib. landing training? Most photos I’ve been able to find are from Vietnam and the tanks look like gypsy wagons with all the crap hanging off them) Last is more confirmation … markings. Again, what little info I find post Vietnam looks like they went back to yellow company letter and tank number (first number is platoon?) on turret, USMC and s/n in yellow on the tool bins and yellow shield with 1 TNK in red on rear fender, hull sides and front hull.

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Before my time but I think @TopSmith was a 48 crewman so he might have some more insight.
My guess as a training mission they would not have all the personnel gear. Track and wheel are bolt on so worry of them going away. Maybe a few fuel cans and oil, basic items one would need to move about but very slim. Supply would be a pain to get new gear if they had it. I would have to do more research for the other questions.


This is an intresting subject you’ve chosen and it may require more than a cursory research. It’s highly likely the division (1MAF) left their combat vehicles to the ARVN when they withdrew from SEA, that would mean they may have transitioned to the LVTP-7 and/or M60 A1 when they DEROS’d stateside for stand down. Not sure but your subject title is a good callout, I’ll be watching and maybe we’ll both learn something.

Would this help with the first question ?


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The Marines didn’t get M60A1s till `76.

Okay, well that clears that up. Got any ideas about the markings for 1TANK at Camp Pendelton around 1971. I can’t find anything and @Frenchy 's pic was fairly conclusive.

The best I can come up with is this link to the Camp Pendelton Historical Society, if they can’t help I don’t know who can.

For information about the Mechanized Museum, call (760) 725-5758 or email

Merci. Looks like the braces run to the tie down/ lifting rings. Cant really see it, but is the right area. Any clue as to the history of the photo? I’m thinking DaNang, 65. (I hope those two in the loader’s hatch like each other. That hatch looks barely big enough for ONE person…)

I’m thinking the pic Frenchy posted is Danang in 65. Looks similar , but different angle, to a couple I’ve seen of the initial landing. It is pre 1967, the cupola does not have the G503 riser.

Agincajun? I’m a slow cajun. My kin missed the boat outa Quebec. The cross country skied cross the St. Lawrence. They are “snowbacks”. That e mail for the Pendleton History was what I’ve been looking for. All I could find was the public info offices phone #. Could you check that for me? I copy & pasted it to my e-mailand it comes back invalid. :frowning: PS: Disregard my last. Found the site and e mail is the same. Still dont work though… Found their Facebook link. I’ll try a flank attack that way!

Well if the fella in front turns around he’s gonna find out what it’s like to be a chicken, he’ll have a peck . . . er, beak on his face.
As far as the vision ring I don’t think MAF tanks had them, don’t hold me to it though I haven’t spent much time studying Marine tracks, @Beentheredonethat seems to be knowledgeable about jarheads or at least the M48/M60 series, he’s probably a better source than myself.
So thinking about it the pic is of an M48 A3 but not an A3B model as used by USARV.

I concur, the photo is an A3. It has similarities to photos of the landing at DaNang in 65. As for the riser, what I understand it came in in 67. Factory installed on “new” production and retro fit kits sent out to install at the depots. I saw photos of one being installed “in country” (or at Ft. Benning… all the red clay in the back ground) . From the sounds of things it was a case of lift the cupola, slide the riser in place, lower the cupola back on. The “B” had the revised TC hatch. Dunno if that was a straight swap. (would imagine the in country A2s would have gotten the riser too)

Whew, too much information to keep up with right.

Charlie 14, 1st Tank. Early 68. (from with riser. Trying to find the photos of the riser being installed.

I can’t get that site to load pics (plugin not supported) but you’re on the right path sort of. I basically use the same process for my dio research but visit 11ACR VVC, 3/4 CAV trooper’s photos, 1/4 CAV troopers photos, 25 ID etc…
If you can find an Engineer or maint. co with or attached to 1TANK you might find what you’re looking for, I just don’t know the USMC organization table.

A2s were not modified in anyway, no they did not get the riser. They were swapped out for A3 MOD Bs. I’m guessing these are the pics you were looking for.They are Marines in Vietnam adding the riser.

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Yup. That was them :). Saw them in my travels then couldnt re find them. Hate it when that happens. :frowning: