Calling you Aussies, anyone know of Stinger Models?

They’re offering an M113AS4 in 1/35. Was wondering whether they’re any good, or expensive?

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Scalemates stinger-models Australian-m113as4 Looks better than the ? Black Dog? conversion

And very similar to the (now retired) Mouse House Enterprises | No. MA202 | 1:35

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Anything is better than a Black Dog conversion, and cheaper.


I have never heard of them. Where did you find the site where they are sold from?

Hey guys, I created stinger models. I’m ex 3/4 Cav 2005-2010. After Mouse House stopped producing any of their kits there was a void in the Australian armour stuff.
I spent a few hours creating the files to print the m113as4 so there was something on the market that didn’t need to be custom built.
At this stage it’s just a hobby and I have the kits on ebay and they are $100 plus postage.
I’m planing on making a YouTube video to showcase them.


Well done Dave; great initiative. I’m not an Aussie modeller although I did grab a couple of Mouse House 105mm Lt Guns before they closed down, but they were for Brit purposes.
Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on your enterprise.

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What else have you got in the pipeline? A fridge for the Abrams would be great, and what CES would be complete without a jaffle iron and a few of the other important bits like a hot plate.


The one Mouse House sold was a long time coming and snapped up fast. Might pay to have a link so people can find you.

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I’m working on a PWS for the Bushmaster and a conversion kit to make a FSV for the m113a1

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Yeah I’ve shared the progress on Facebook but it’s a bit overwhelming at the moment so I was just going to list the kits and let them sell until I get my feet.

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What donor kit are you going to base the FSV on?

and will it be the Saladin or Scorpion?

The FSV - Fire Support Vehicle - had the Saladin Turret.

The one with the Scorpion turret was the MRV - Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle.

Hi Dave
Welcome. Can you please share a link to Facebook/eBay?
best regards


Mouse House sold the molds to a company in the US, I think he started to rerelease some. Not great for the locals with shipping back home.

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Thanks Dave. Looks great, please keep us updated on your output :+1:. If you find time a 1/35 Bushmaster would be nice to fill the Showcase void too. :pray:


I thought I’d share my paint job on the prototype kits. Once I’ve had my cataract surgery in just over a month I’ll finish the detail but they will have to do for now.


That’s very nice work, where did you get the kits please/

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