Can I use Magic Tracks for Academy King Tiger or will they be incorrect?

Don’t want to use the transport tracks from the academy kit

All depends on which production version of KT the magic tracks were made for and which version the Academy kit depicts.
Georg :jack_o_lantern:

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I’m not a King Tiger guru but I would want the tracks to be the same style as Friulmodellismo ATL-37 for “last” King Tiger model. I have ATL-37’s for my final fantasy King Tiger build for a June 1945 vehicle:)

There are basically ~six versions, as shown below I belive.

This maybe of interest.


It mentions last version of tracks all of the links were the same unlike the other versions of the tracks.

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Would those transport tracks be correct to model a Tiger upon a Railway car to get through German bridges and tunnels>. John

That’s my understanding, transport tracks for railcar for the KT’s or HT’s.

There may photos an exception or two of KT’s on railcars with the wide full width tracks in some special circumstances in the late war chaos.