Can T90 MS be easily converted to T90 M?

Tiger Models makes both the T90 MS and the M. However only the MS is available here, not the M. I do not know enough about the T90 to know if the MS version could be easily converted to the M. Are there any experts available to give me some advice?

The info on ScaleMates says ‘New parts’ for the T-90 M

I’d try to find instructions from both kits and compare them. A buddy built their M and didn’t care for it as its their MS kit with a new tree for the M, but plastic has to be cut and have parts from the M kit added.
To me that a sign that TM days are numbered.

It also looks like Miniarm will have a correction set for the Tiger Models T-90M.–1467119

Unless you have a burning need to do one NOW, I’d wait for Meng or Trumpeter or Zvezda to do one.

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I agree, however I have heard no rumors that any of the major players even contemplated a T90 M. You would think with the latest “Military Operation” that there would be interest by multiple companies but…