Can these decals be salvaged?

So just got this kit and I noticed it got damaged decals, you can see that partially damaged star and the upper “8” star is completely damaged but I can see the outline of the decal itself.

Could I salvage them by painting the missing outline white? The decals are both there, it’s just the white color that is missing.

Buying another decal sheet would cost me half kit and I’d rather return it.
Not going to make the French variant.

Painting the missing portion seems very easy. Once you seal it with a thin layer of clear coat you can use low tack tape and just extend the existing points in the opposite direction.
You could also cut up the unused ones. I can’t envision a vehicle that uses all seven of those.

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Short answer no. You can add it, not all stars where perfect. You can cover with mud or gear. You can also use as a template to spray your own star. Lots of ways around the issue.

Wow, that is strange! It looks like a manufacturing mishap. You could try painting them over, if you have a steady hand.
If you can return it, that would be the best option.
If not, you could try painting them, or see if you have another kit with stars in it. Or ask on here, there are lots of Sherman builders here (is this for a Sherman?), I’m sure someone has some extra stars.

All the white star decals you could ever need for $10, plus postage.

I can still return it, it was sent by amazon.

I would do that.

That’s it, I am returning it.

Hopefully the next will be fine.

Players choice.

If it were me, I would use the decal to make a mask out of Tamiya Tape, then spray the stars with my airbrush.

If that is beyond your comfort level, return it.

Edit: If you have a sheet of white decal film (used for making custom decals), you could cut the stars out of that.

Edit: I just thought of third and fourth options. You could keep purchasing models until you find one with leftover decals of the correct size. :slight_smile: You could post dimensions of the stars and ask for someone to mail you spares of the correct size.

I would do the same! The sprayer stars will look better anyway! I cut cricut stars for my archer. But same idea

If you airbrush, stars a really easy and good intro to masking


Thanks everybody but I already returned it.

All nice solutions but I am not really comfortable to try them yet.

I definitely need to learn using masking tape though.

If you computer-handy, you could scan or photograph that sheet, import into a graphics program such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, re-draw the missing part and print the decal sheet out on white-background inkjet decal paper. Voila! Brand new decals. I’ve done this, plus create unique ones and it works well. Just takes some time and care.

This is a very good idea, I will scan all decals sheets I get!

Anyway, the new one was delivered, it is fine:

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