Can we have a Vietnam heading under the Armor category?

Heya, Admins,

Thank you for all the great work on the site(s) for so many years…and beyond. Armorama has been the go to site for me since I joined back in 2002.

The Vietnam sub-section of Armorama has always provided some amazing work, great research, info, and pictures, as well as some real camaraderie and bona fide inspiration.

Cold War/Modern is a pretty wide net — I’d like to make a formal request for a Vietnam header/subsection to the new site…

Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!

Happy New Year!

With Regards and Aloha,

Johnny B.


I definitely agree. that would be very nice,

Sure why not ? It’s a very popular category.

I definately agree that Nam era deserves it’s own subject category, cold war seems more european oriented.


We need to expolore using the tag system for sub-categories like this. It will allow a lot more options and not clutter up the main level category list. The problem being where does it end? We had 30 or 40 sub-categories on the old forum and this one just doesn’t work the same way.

You just have to remember to tag your posts with the relevant tags (or moderators or regulars can do it as well).