Canadian Leopard C2

Just started this one, I’m using the Meng Leopard 1A5 with the C2 MEXAS sprue that will provide the turret bins.

The hull will be painted NATO 3 tone with a green turret.


Welcome aboard. Look forward to seeing the project progress. Nice work area.:+1:



Ya it’s my first time posting since Kitmaker went to this new layout :frowning:


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Nice modeling area

Looking forward to your build Rick. Good choice with the NATO three colour hull. You always do a great job with your modern Canadian vehicle projects.

Excited to see the progress!

Great workbench. I bet you’re happy to have that dedicated space. Welcome back to Armorama. Enjoy the project, I’ll be following.

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Nice start and looking forward to seeing how it builds up :+1:

If only my workshop was this open, neat and tidy….

You can do it!

I have work bench envy.

Thanks all, good to be back at the bench!



And a very clean and organized bench it is. Nothing like the mess I have. :smiley:


Really liking the torsion bar suspension on these kits. Gonna somehow incorporate it when it’s sitting on its base.

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Do you have a window?

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Yes I have two at me back lol!

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The meng torsion bar is great. I built their C2 mexas a while back. It’s the only torsion bar I’ve encountered that actually felt beefy enough to articulate

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Hi folks. I’m sort of new Here. I Used to be a member a long time ago. Anyway. I have some modern armor and at least 1 German Panther Tank that I’ve built, currently working on an Italeri 1/35 M-60A3, with a Second Panther G later version waiting to be built. As well as a Tamiya T-72M1, I have a RFM Canadian Leopard 2A6M that’s been purchased online. So I should be getting that one within a month.

Welcome Dennis. Will be good to see some of your builds when you get a chance to post them in other threads.
Plenty of people about who can help and give info if it’s needed on all subjects :+1:

Getting some C2 specific fidly bits on the hull. Next one will be Takoms kit lol!