Canadian Military Police In The Korean War

The decal set I got for Korean War markings has Canadian Provost Jeeps. But did Canadian military police do anything special during the Korean War?

I heard they were very polite. And had maple syrup in their canteens.

Rye whiskey goes in canteens, maple syrup is for ice cream!

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Just ice cream? I thought Canadians used it on everything - even added to your whiskey to make Maple Liqueur???

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Yes, they used a reflective tape for route signage that was ‘much admired’ by other units and shared it… apparently:

I can happily confirm that they did have it by the gallon in their cookhouses – When they occupied the Ledra Palace Hotel in Nicosia in the Green zone in the CanCon zone … they without doubt had the best, most extensive, best tasting, best staff and open all hours mess facility in the whole of the UN contingent… We use to pretend to be on any type of detail to go there and eat …


MP History - Canadian Military Police Association (

Thanks for the help, but it occurred to me that I could use some figures that would credibly serve for Canadian MPs. I did see Canadian decals for sale by Peddinghaus.