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Gecko Models releases there Canadian Ram Mk 2 Kangaroo APC (Late Production) in 1/35th scale, and this looks like it will have a lot of appeal.

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This is on my want list!

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A couple of technical points. While 1st CACR did get Kangaroos made from the the later Rams and the 49th Carrier regiment did get the older Rams with the aux turret at first, as the war went on and casualties/breakdowns occurred both regiments ended up with both types of Rams. The 1CACR certainly had a preponderance of the later Rams and the 49th had a preponderance of the earlier Rams, but the line was not hard and fast.

Secondly, the suspension bogies with the central track return roller were the production standard for approximately the first half of Ram production, the later, trailing arm return roller bogie design was fitted to about the last half of Ram production. The kit is a Kangaroo made on a very late production Ram hull had has all the late production features including the trailing arm suspension bogie.

Additionally, the radio is not mounted at the firewall, but, properly, immediately to the left of the hull MG gunner. As a standard No.19 wireless set, it could be used to talk to whomever was netted in, but was designed for use within armoure3d units as opposed to “tank to tank”. Many Kangaroos also carried a No.38 set to talk directly to infantry units,. This is not included in the kit and that’s on me, I should have suggested it to Gecko at the time, sorry. It is the aux. generator that is mounted in the left sponson near the firewall. The rotating drive shaft was never left open, it was always shielded and the Kangaroo conversion did not change that. It just removed all the stowage bins that surrounded the shaft on the Ram, leaving the shielding around the shaft in place.



Interesting read thanks ill make sure my reserch is done for this kit as always thanks for the heads up! I have alot parts printed waiting for such Grizzlys and rams and fuxing the sexton 2