Cancelling PayPal Subscriptions (if you get a notification)

My apologies but PayPal isn’t giving me any option to inform people why their subscriptions are being cancelled so I will post here in the forums about it.

If you are a subscriber and got a notification that your subscription was cancelled there is nothing to worry about. Your subscription status on the old sites/forum will remain in perpetuity. Ooo… don’t think I have ever got to type that word before! :smiley:

Sadly though old-style network subscriptions are now a thing of the past. From this point on we will be using Patreon as a means of support from our members and while the benefits of being a Patron at this point are fairly limited, I am hoping I can extend out the benefits a bit so as to make it more appealing. However if you are feeling generous (as I know many of you have been over the years. THANKS!) you are more than welcome to become patrons on the new forum and get the little “P” badge (perhaps that will also get more cool down the road) and be recognized as a site supporter on the badges page, etc.

The link to Patreon pops up randomly on topics or you can get to it via the “Want to help?” link on the top menu.


Thanks again to EVERYONE who has been a subscriber in the past. Even way back to the A-Guard gold and silver members (yes I remember those). Your help has always been much appreciated.

Thanks again,

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I’ve wondering about that. I see that Patron bumped the perfectly reasonable U$3.50 to U$5.00. :wave:

Thanks for the warning, Jim!
It spared me some wondering why do I receive a cancellation.
I’ll move over to Patreon.

Keep up the good work!

I wonder if I can charge my Patreon subscription to PayPal? I really try to keep the number of online sites with financial information to a minimum.


The answer is here:

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Thanks, Robin! I see that with my patronage comes a little Patreon icon on my avatar. R.I.P. Subscriber Badge… :cry:


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Signed up to be a Patreon, have no idea what it is, but it helps fund the site.
Wow A-Guard, I remember that one :laughing:.
Andy :slight_smile:

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