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MiniArt has released their German Cargo Trailer in 1/35th scale as a stand alone offering.

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What is the German name for such a wagon?

I kept wanting to call it a farm cart.

According to my Google “English to German” online translation dictionary:

German for trailer is: - Anhänger

Semi-trailer is: - Sattelauflieger

Farm Wagon is: - Bauernwagen

Farm Cart also: - Bauernwagen

Towed Trailer is: - Gezogener Anhänger

Tractor and Trailer: - Traktor und Anhänger

Farm Tractor and Trailer: - Ackerschlepper und Anhänger

This is a very nice kit and I love the civilian decal markings!
I have this same trailer in the kit that is paired with the Lanz tractor but sadly only with Military and Deutsche Reichsbahn RR decals.

Also this trailer really should offer some beer wagon decals to go along with their civilian Mercedes truck!

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