Caterpillar yellow

Hi Guys. I’m about to start a Miniart bulldozer. 1/35.
I would prefer to use Mig Ammo paint but need to know what everyone recommends for Caterpillar yellow? Any clues?


Zero Paints do a Caterpillar yellow.
Caterpillar Yellow (Heavy Plant and Machinery) Paint 60ml | ZP-1358 | Zero Paints (
Andy :slight_smile:

I can vouch for Zero paints too, but you have to have a good primer coat on. They are very hot!

Thanks guys. I’ve checked and my Zero paints supplier has no zp-1358 in stock. Sold out!

Next option is?

RLM 04? With some filters and washes.

Hi -

I’ve had some luck using a blend of Vallejo Model Air, US Interior Yellow and Chrome Yellow - about 50/50. The results are pretty close to the real thing:

I built this D7R last year, certainly a different vintage than what you are making, but who knows? might work - I toned it down a bit using a generous wash of LifeColor Dust 1

Hope it helps!


I don’t know if you live in the US, but if so, and you have a Tractor Supply near, they sell enamel spray cans of Caterpillar Yellow.


Thanks. I’m in Australia. I’ve got some Vallejo and Mig Ammo that may suit.