CCKW closed cab MG ring hard cap?

I’m building the Hobbyboss truck with MG hole in the roof, and it has a strange domed cap for the hole which is moulded onto the ring. These do show up in occasional pics but does anybody know how common they were? Most pics have either canvas or nothing on the hole in the roof…

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Which links you to even another thread about this.

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Thanks - I’ve seen those threads. The only ref to the cap over the hole in the roof is Mike “165spc” saying he didn’t think they were real. But they appear in TM pics with an actual part number (C90823) so they did exist - the issue is whether they were used on vehicles in service.

I’m guessing any truck with an MG fitted would be either without a cover, or with a canvas one that’s easy to remove - those metal caps would be a PITA in action. Sadly HB moulds the entire manhole and cap as a single part so to remove the cap will take surgery…