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Scorpion Miniature Models released two new aftermarket upgrade sets aimed at British armor; Centurion turret basket mesh and Chieftain driver's compartment.

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I can’t keep up with SMM!

I can’t believe I forgot to trim the mounting lug for part 8 in the CAD! Argh…

Mike shows the Tamiya hull with the battery bracket still in place at the back of the cockpit, but I’d suggest getting rid of all those battery bits so the cockpit can be assembled and then slid in via the turret ring after the tank is painted.

God, looking at that drivers compartment brought back memories or rather nightmares lol … And those poxy seats …they would always collapse at the worst moment

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Glad it’s that realistic!

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Like when passing projectiles into the turret, especially if they were Hesh or SH/Prac!

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And the ever present drip from the U/S seals around the hatch and DVRs sight when you were closed down and it was slashing down … Happy days lol

And yet I would love to be back there now. I’d do my time all over again if I could and there would be very little I would change.

Yeah I often think the same. It was all such good fun, even the rare crappy times wouldn’t put me off. I am glad I was in the real army back then…it was a totally different beast then.

Looks like some very nice and useful stuff!

I heard the Centurion was very difficult to drive. How about the Chieftain?

Rain drips, passing ammo, hard times? You know nothing - try dealing with a jammed stapler or paper cuts from a sheet of sharpened A3.


Lol… And a leaky tent ?? :grin:

Nothing wrong with it at all. With all tanks it’s about technique, user knowledge and experience… I taught a great many drivers how to drive them with no issues at all. Newer technology and vehicle development makes them easier to drive as things progress.
I only drove Cent a few time, and in it’s day, I would think it was as good when compared to any others of its day, it just became dated quick.

Thanks for your reply Johnny. I saw a documentary a few years ago and the guy commented how tough it was to drive the Cent. Maybe because the one he was driving was a restored version? He looked kinda old too lol! I know I shouldn’t say that because I ain’t no spring chicken at 55 myself but he looked like he was struggling.

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