Challenger 1 Detail Set from SMM | Armorama™

Scorpion Miniature Models finally released their long-awaited upgrade/detail set for Challenger 1 from Tamiya.

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That will be a nice set to get as a stand alone anyway for just the rear turret bins and things like slave lead and muzzle cover and having it as Mk3 without the add on armour.

Having used their conversion kits on my 432 I would say that this company’s stuff is top rate and the more British kit to come out the better👍

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Definitely agree, they offer some very good detailed sets and I have had a few things from SMM and will be getting more. Its nice they seem content with bolstering the limited offerings from other firms with nice resin updates for UK/Brit kit, and they also have a great ref section of images for CVRTs. Im on the verge of pulling the trigger on another Tamiya CH1 to get the set above so I can do it as Mk 3 without the add on armour.

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