Challenger 2 engine deck screens

Per above looking to by or trade. Thanks.

Yeah I was looking for the Tamiya screens. the only place I saw them was Evil bay.
Scalehobbiest can get an Eduard PE set for the challenger 2 but I don’t know what is in the PE set.

Thanks. I had checked the evil bay but couldn’t find anything. I will check again.

Voyager also offers a set with only the engine deck mesh. It is sold under Fe35013 and is available in Germany for under 6 EUR, so quite low in price. Should also be available in the US. I can´t tell about its accuracy, but it is created for Tamiya and from the picture looks fine.

Just saw, M&M models in the US does have it.


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Thanks for the info. I have since tracked on down on the evil bay but much appreciated none the less.

Hadn’t noticed this somehow. The only place I have seen them is wonderland models but that is in Edinburgh;

However, if you have managed to source them anyway you don’t need to worry about international postage!

Cheers, Jim.

Thanks. Gotta love all the helpful folks out there.