Challenger 3

Speaking from thirty plus years of experience dealing with various pieces of precision custom equipment used in a fast paced manufacturing environment that literally required near aerospace precision and high reliability.

When the bean counters get involved that’s where the real issues seem to start.

Comitte can make a mess of things…my favorite sterling example of American design by committee…

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Your mileage may vary

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Wow - that’s an unattractive car! Do I see a Pontiac badge on it?

What a f-ugly little runt of a car

Yip, some truly horrendous designs out there!

The European version of the Pontiac Aztec, I give you the Fiat Multipla…;

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Yes, Indeed poor Pontiac ended up with their emblem on that atrocity. After first year of dismal sales it was promptly redesigned to a slightly look slightly less hideous.

Looks like worldwide the hard Committee work never ends :slight_smile: :muscle:lol

@iwatajim that Fiat looks like the love child of a Pontiac Aztek & a Nissan Cube.

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love child can also be spelled ‘bastard’ …
just saying :wink: :innocent:


Ha! And then there’s the kid kept in the basement like Sloth from the Goonies;



According to published info, Challenger 3 will have ‘enhanced hull protection’. The army’s own press release says:

The world leading new modular armour has been developed through advances in armour technology provided by the in-house Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) funded armour expertise held within Dstl. This Dstl owned Intellectual Property (IP) has generated significant interest and is being exploited through the close links Dstl has with MOD and Industry.