Chieftain resin correction set from Accurate Armour

Anyone have the old resin correction set (designed for Tamiya’s even older kit) to sell me?

While there are certainly more modern Chieftain kits out there I have a soft spot for the old Tamiya kit and would still like to go with that one. :slight_smile:

Contact them at’s no longer listed, but they have been very helpful in the past.
It woud depend if any old stock or the masters are still available.

Checkout the ‘tweaks list’ here:

Thanks Jon. :+1:
Actually, I have asked Derek and he said that AA have no plans on taking up production of this set as long as the Takom kits are around. Too bad for me, but fully understandable from AAs perspective. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Castoff conversion which was cheaper than AA when it was around but required more work than the AA set. Accurate Armour makes good stuff but the Takom kitss would surely be easier and cheaper.

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Your best bet may be wants boards, eBay or (one day!) model shows under tables. Or scratchbuilding - I used a few bits from Cr 1 and scratchbuilt the rest but those turret baskets are a major challenge!

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Thanks guys!
Actually, I have the AA set on the way to me thanks to another member on here.
So I’m good for now. :slight_smile:

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