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Close on the release of vehicles from AK, they have released three new offerings with this set being a set of male children in 1/35th scale.

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I think a couple of these could be suitable modified to represent the flocks of kids that used to turn up when we were deployed in a village on exercise in Germany back in the day; what is really needed though is for kids on their bikes.

Coincidentally, I read in yesterday’s The Times (Brit newspaper) the following extract from the letters’ page; the letter was referring to another letter but I don’t know what the theme was, not least as I only occasionally buy a newspaper these days in an effort to avoid the depression that inevitably follows(!) However for what it’s worth:

“One boy on his own equals a brain, two boys together equals half a brain, three or more boys together equals no brain at all”.

This explains an awful lot, not least my own mis-spent youth.


That would explain me too Brian! And my twin brother and our two best friends growing up lol……

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God knows how it maps across to my service in what was called “Junior Leaders” in the Army (aged 15-17 and hitherto actually called “Boys Service”. There must have been 500-600 of us, so no chance of a brain at all!

Yes it did extend to my military service, at least the early years!

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Sadly the same can be said about most adults… :thinking:


Is the third boy (with brush and bucket) meant to be Tom Sawyer painting the fence?


Trying to look innocent… “The Usual Suspects.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To illustrate my own boyhood I would substitute a purloined bottle of beer for the trumpet! Easy enough to model, given all of the beverage bottle sets available from MiniArt.

My first thought too …

as was pointed out when i and my boyhood friends did something stupid that resulted in a trip the hospital…“there was a lot of testosterone and very little common sense”.