Christmas colors Bf109 E-3 fun build

Well as close as I think you can get to a stock theme build for the season. Finish target date of 12/24.


Santa’s escort plane maybe ? :grin:

Something I’ve never seen before now. Certainly eye catching. Watching with interest even though its a wing thing.

Finally figured out how to get this into the correct section.

Finished it up tonight, pics tomorrow.

Turned out very nicely. Really striking with the red and white bands. :+1: :+1:

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Its a great finish and a nice new take on a much modelled aircraft in the usual Luftwaffe livery. Looks lovely :+1:

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This has been a learning build for sure. For one thing you cannot handle an airplane model like you can a tank. All the edges you want to hold on to either are way to fragile or you wear paint off. You really need to plan your steps if you want the finish to not show flaws. Then just doing the cockpit glass is a skill in itself. I did the middle section by doing self made masking strips. the other two section I did by hand. Figured I needed to learn this or I may as well give up the planes now.

I really like individual looks. And the Bf has so many possibilities. I already have my next schemes planned out.

My only complaint was you cannot build this wheels up without modding. I also painted the strips and would steer clear of trying to do the decals way of doing this scheme.

Nice to see a 109 in an attractive paint scheme without the crooked black cross on the tail.

Very eye catching, 1st place Eye-Candy award in my opinion.


Very nice build, Kelly! Swiss Air Force is not seen often here. In their Air Force Museum in Dübendorf (near Zurich) they have an original E-3 with red-white stripes. Unfortunatly I have lost the photos from that museum …

Have fun!
Torsten :beer: