Christmas goodies, what aftermarket?!

I got the Tamiya Elefant (TAM 35325), Tamiya Nashorn (TAM 35335), and the Trumpeter KV-1 ehkranami (Trumpter 00357) for Christmas! I am looking for suggestions for aftermarket parts.

The Nashorn and KV-1have one price slide molded barrels so I will probably use the kit barrels. Thinking of adding an Aber barrel for the elefant.

The Kv-1 and Elephant have the plastic tracks with sag. But for the nashorn I’m thinking of adding frulii tracks.

For PE I am thinking of adding a detail kit for the elefant and Kv-1. Problem is I don’t which eduard or kit to use for the kv-1.

Anyone have suggestion

Personally I don’t think it matters. The main pe needed is the engine grills. TP084 is good generic set to meet those needs. Passion Models has a little more advanced generic set that looks good to. Not sure if it is out or where to get.

I think the tracks work well enough at least I thought so on the KV-2.