Churchill Bridging Tank In Korea

Since there is no AFV Club Crocodile tank, there is still the bridging tank that I assume was sent to Korea. Would like to know how they were marked though.

Kings Royal Irish Huzzars and iirc 1st RTR used them in that setting. There were a couple of other regiments that might have had them but cant remeber who…

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Hi LongTom,
5 RTR also had them in the Keoren theatre.
The bridgelayers were organic to tank regiments at that point in time. Didnt become Engineering Regiment stuff until later in the 50s . Not sure of the specifics date wise. As far as crocodiles were concerned it would be marked as a C Squadron 7 RTR vehicle.

As Pod says, the bridgelayers were organic to the tank regiments at the time. They would carry the same markings as the Centurions. Initially (first 6-9 months of the war) that would have been the 27th Brigade badge (open white circle on a black square). Later on, it would have been the 1st Commonwealth Division shield.

The number of Churchill bridgelayers in Korea was very small - perhaps 2 or 3. At any given time, there was only one British Armoured Regiment deployed to Korea (each for a 12 month rotation), plus a single Armoured Sqn from another Regt (initially C Sqn 7 RTR, but after that it was supplied by the Canadians (Lord Strathcona’s Horse).

In terms of the Crocodile, despite it’s age, the Tamiya kit is still a very good one. The Crocodile trailers were never used in action in Korea and were put into storage at a very early stage. That’s the only weak point of the Tamiya kit. The trailer is roughly 10% underscale but it’s such a huge beast, the difference isn’t really noticeable.

The Churchills operated as standard gun tanks. With that in mind, you could easily use Tamiya parts on an AFV Club Mk VII (flame gun, universal trailer coupling and the underfloor fuel pipe).

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