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Two news from CixModels , Indian elephant and hyena, both in resin at 1:35

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That looks really cool and is a “First” in the 1/35 market. With 1/35 Land Rovers, MENG pickups, and SUVs, I can imagine Safari and African wilderness scenes. Yay! :grinning:

Not quiet a “FIRST” for the hyena. Mantis have a set with 2 of the beasties in. As for a safari, you’d need to do southern Asia for that particular pavhydern. Still useful sete none the less.

You would need the earlier release from Cix, African Elephant.

Cix also did the Hyena in 2018.

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That hyena and vulture set looks interesting. I’m looking for something to add to my Fallout dio and these look possible.

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You are correct that it’s an Asian elephant…my mistake. :grinning: