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Classy Hobby are to release two US Army tank crew figures in 1/16 scale.

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These are welcome but instead of the gun carrying tankman I’d be more interested him standing around smoking or working on the tank loading ammo, fixing tracks, or just sitting on the turret etc…

i am sure we are going to see a lot of 1/16 Sherman crews coming out soon. I think the helmets on the heads of the actual figures look to much like WW2 fighter pilot hoods and googles.

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That’s interesting, I hadn’t seen that until you mentioned it…also the top figure is shown wearing a metal pot but on the figure the helmet is not there, I wonder if it comes in the kit as an option?

I sure hope you are correct about getting more sherman crews, it would be nice to have a usable set of five guys doing odd things around the tank to display with my AHHQ once it’s all finished…

For the longest time I built all my models with closed hatches, maybe some stowage but no crews and now I refuse to build one without at least one figure, it adds a tremendous amount of value to the builds…

their German crew is horror!
such cracks that by the end of the assembly the figure becomes almost completely covered with putty!