Clear parts questions

I am building an avenger and bought some montex masks for it. I had a couple questions since I’ve never built a kit with this many clear parts.

  1. I am planning on dipping the clear parts in future, how long should I wait after dipping before applying the masks.

  2. should I bother dipping the parts or should I use Novus #2

  3. there are finger prints and dust on some of the parts is a quick dip in IPA okay to clean them up or will this fog them?

Let the Future dipped parts dry overnight in a dust free covered container before applying any masks.

I can’t answer questions 2 and 3, but I will usually wipe the part with a micro fiber cloth to remove any fingerprints and dust before I dip the part in Future.

I do the same as Stickpusher, + I leave the clear part attached to a small piece of sprue to use as a handle. After dipping the part in Future I tilt the part so that excess Future will run down to a single point, then I wick off that excess with a kleenex. That way there is no build up of a drop of Future in a corner of the part. After it’s well cured overnight I wrap it in a piece of clean kleenex and place it in a small ziplock baggie until needed - no rub mars or scratches.
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PS: Future works so well that I have made canopies/domes from clear vacu-form packaging commonly found in Dollar-Stores, etc. The clear plastic is typically low-quality, with plenty of mars and imperfections due to storage and handling. A single Future treatment makes this plastic crystal-clear! :+1:


All right, I tried to polish with the novus system, in a dremel on super low speed. It went well, canopies are super clear but it seems that there is a whitish residue left behind. Has anyone experienced this, and if so what is the best way to remove it?

Try the Future! :thinking:
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I did that on some pieces but the main canopy is pretty complicated and I cannot for the life of me stop it from pooling :frowning: the wind screen and ball turret went fine in the future dip


Problem solved, a buff with an eye glass cloth removed the residue

Okay finally got the future to work by touching a brush to the frame while the future was wet to soak up excess.

I need to attach the canopy now. Usually I’ll use a white glue for this, but both the windscreen and canopy are tight fitting so I need to apply a little pressure while glue sets. I am thinking of using BSI thin super glue. I should be good with fumes since I dipped the canopy right?