Close encounter

Hi there!
It has beel a long time sice my last post, and here I am again with a new diorama to share with you…
a new forum too!! and a new scale also!!!
In fact I just discovered 1:48 scale in armour and it is a great discovery too!
I approached it due to storing room which is quickly filling up, but I discovered great details and real fun to buid… so here it is!
Don’t think much historically accurate, but if such an encounter had really took place, what a shock should it have been…




I hope you’ll like ti!!


Very nice work. I really liked the paint and weathering you did with the tanks. Smoke and fire are always a challenge.

Cool scene!! :slight_smile:

Hi Edo,

Great looking diorama, the damaged track guard on the KV2 looks very realistic, especially given it’s 1/48th scale.

Cheers, :beer:,


thank you guys!
much appreciated!


Looks nice - cool layout that tells the story instantly.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: