Color help

Found this photo of the clusterf$&k in Kubal and we can leave that hot topic for another time.

What colors do you think they used? If you know in the Tamiya or Vallejo range would be even better.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Not sure totally but one of the dark greens and looks like an interior green tone for the lighter coloured one ?


The lighter green looks like sage green; I mixed up Vallejo’s dark yellow, dark grey and a tad Prussian blue to get that color when I painted a couple of crew members of an M1 Panther wearing the digi cams ….

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I agree with John and I say for Tamiya XF-21 Sky and XF-62 Olive Drab are your colors. I have the entire Tamiya line and I compared them all, these were the winners.


Yeah the sky blue sounds good

Interesting, thanks for the input.

Those where my initial guesses but was 100% sure. Thanks for the input.

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I thought of this for our campaign on my AT-M6.

I meant sky lol , not sky blue !

It’s all good, I took it as such. :+1:

XF-62 looks too light. How about FS34079? Dark Green