Color of A1J Skyraider Flaps

Looking for color references for the Skyraider flaps. SEA color scheme. Possibly a moot question if known whether flaps were retracted when parked?

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From photos I’ve seen, they are retracted when parked. Don’t know if they lowered over time.

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Interesting couple of photos. First time I’ve seen LAU-10’s on an Air Force A-1. I’d always assumed they were only used by the Navy. Always good to see something new.

Not sure what the thing with the red cover is under the port wing. Thought it was a Minigun pod, but the shape doesn’t look right. Another rocket pod maybe?

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Definitely not a gun pod. Like you said, wrong shape. I’d guess some sort of rocket pod with a frangible cover of some sort.

Could be a LANTIRN pod with a ‘remove before flight’ protective cover.

Predates LANTIRN by quite a few years.
I’m wondering if it could be an LAU-3, but I’ve never seen one with a cover like that. Usually an egg shaped cover as can be seen on a couple of the other pods.

I was wondering the same, but the pictured item appears to be longer…


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And it’s too short for an LAU-10.

I’m going to trawl through a couple of books.

LANTIRN did not get fielded until shortly before the 91 Gulf War. Even then it was not widely available during that war.

Same thing on the cover of Ospreys book. Sadly no mention of the ordnance in the pictures description.

Will have a look in a few others.

Found it, SUU-25 Flare Dispenser.


Eduard used to make one, but it’s discontinued.

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Amazing. My post was regarding the flap interior color. The two images, while pleasing, did not show the rear edge of the wing/flap area, and ten responses had nothing to do with what was being asked.

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Sorry, that was completely my fault going off topic. The mystery pod was intriguing and I had to find an answer.

I did however see a couple of photos in some books showing the rear side and the flaps were up. I can post if I can’t find them around the internet.

Thanks Stephen. From what I’ve been able to find, a parked Skyraider has parked flaps in up position, not dropped. So, it’s a non-issue. Not like century fighters!

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