Color of Canadian water jerry cans 1980's

What color were the water cans used in the 1980’s and early 1990’s?. I am painting my Cougar AVGP. The painting guide shows them in the same green as the vehicle. I remember them (I think!) being black. Very few pictures of real vehicles show the water cans on the vehicles and they tend to be too dusty/dirty to be sure.

Wouldn’t the metal ones be in the standard color used by the Canadian Army at that time? In the US Army at that time they would be Olive Drab, Forest Green, or CARC Green depending upon the age of the can. Or possibly Sand of repainted. The plastic cans were whatever color they were molded in. Black and Tan were standard. Occasionally I saw cans of German make that were a light Olive in color. But again, this was US Army stuff. I never crossed paths with Canadian troops in the field.

I am trying to reconcile what is in the kit instructions (the same green as the vehicle), what I am seeing online (possibly a lighter green, but the dust and dirt make it difficult to tell), and the jerry cans I remember lugging around 30+ years ago (black, I think).

They should be black. Green is for diesel (yellow plastic retainer for the cap) and/or gasoline (red plastic retainer for the cap).

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Thanks. I assumed they were for water. It never occurred to me that they might strap jerry cans full of diesel or gasoline to the outside of the hull.

Both are strapped to the outside of the hulls ! :grin:

The plastic water cans used by U.S, Forces are made in Canada.So the Canadian ones would be the same.