Color of Russian AT missile casing?

Hi all
I noticed that most of the current Russian AT missiles casings are not plain green. As I’m color blind it’s impossible to me to guess what color they are. Moreover no manufacturer gives any color indication in the instructions.

So what could be a good match, preferably in the Tamiya range?

Hi Olivier

In Zvezda GAZ-233014 Tigr with Kornet-D ATGM kit instructions the missile casings are painted Sand (Humbrol 83) . So Tamiya XF-57 should fit the bill…But I guess it depends on the carrier base color .


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Thank you H.P.
I was more thinking about this color.

Picture from Recomonkey site; For discussion purpose only

Tamiya XF-49 ??? :roll_eyes:


Perhaps Mr Hobby H58. Russian ammo container colours always look a bit off.

Looks like the casing comes is available in various colors…

I guess these are mock-ups


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Almost 20 years ago, I was trained to become AT Missile operator during my army service. We operated with AT3 Sagger which were Russian green and pale blue (training ones). We also had Fagot missiles which were mustard yellow, very similar to panzer gelb. These were man operated ones. Saggers mounted on vehicles were of the same color.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you Marko.
Mustard yellow is probably the color I was thinking about.