Colors question for Jackal Hobbyboss


Could someone help me to identify a color, please ?

What is the color of the thermal cover of the hard box in this picture ?

Is the seat have the same color ?

If I was going to be painting it I would use any US CARC sand colour. I use Vallejo a lot and have used their 71.075 sand (ivory) on US armour I have built. It will be a good contrast in my opinion to British sand which is more yellow in tone. On my Husky I used Mission Models MMP 039 British Sand Yellow Modern. Having crewed British armour in sandy places it looks spot on to my eyes. For the seats, again any contrasting sand/stone colour.


Us Carc sand ? Ok.

For this color I usually used “iraqi sand” from Prince August.

Thank you for the help. * :point_up:*

Just wondering; would AK Real Color BSC Nº64 Portland Stone be a better choice?

I don’t know I can’t see any difference with the CARC Sand.

I am color blind. :sob: