Combat Identification Panels


I wonder why some are in a white color, seen on british army vehicles in early time frame for Telic operation. Especially that white is not a discreat color in a war context.

No idea why, but it seems that the Brits chose to do theirs in white, while the US went with a sand color.

It’s not actually white,
photos show it as white as the panel is working,
it absorbs some of the light wave which make it white, it is a buff colour when looked at with eyes.
Needs a chemists to explain it properly.


More like some light grey with a slight tint of tan/sand

oh yes an optical effect ! Didn’t thought about that. I will repaint panels with xf57 Tamiya. they are at the moment in white color and I don’t like the contrast with the vehicle color.

I have found this picture. Panel looks sand on the left, white on the right.

Thank you for your answers .