Comet Antenna Length

How long was the antenna on the Comet tank? The instructions don’t give any guidance.

What you really want to know is:

How long are the A set and B set aerials for the Wireless Set (W.S.) number 19? There are two antennas, each has a different length and a different base.

This info is easily found by Googling. Here’s one source for the info that turned up using the term, “How long are the antennas on the No. 19 radio set?”

HMVF:: WS 19 Antenna Lengths

@Bots1141 Hi Thomas

British Tanks had 2 aerials for the WS 19 Radio set up. This is a good site for info on it: They have this diagram which shows the names of the components including the aerial base types and the aerials fitted.

There were variations to the bases, but ostensibly they are the same shape so easily to recognise on your model. The aerial in the kit diagram is the ‘G’ type. The ‘F’ type goes in the other mount at the rear of the upper hull, shown to the left of the F type mount in the instructions.

So, the info you need is this part of that link Michael supplied:
Aerial Base No.9 (and 9A) is specific to the WS19 ‘B’ set for inter-vehicle communication at short ranges. It takes a single “Aerial Rod ‘G’ (ZA.1771)” which measures 24" x 1/4" diameter. It’s thin-wall copper plated steel, either a straight tube with a metal plug at the top to keep water out, or a tapered version.

The WS19 ‘A’ set uses aerial bases No.8, 10 Mk.1 or 10 Mk.2, all of which take Aerial Rods “F”, and allow the use of up to 16 feet of aerial (though never more than 8 feet on the move to prevent damage to the rods and/or base). The ‘F’ rods are 4 feet long (not counting a few odd ones for special purposes) and are push-fit (original British design) or push-fit then screw together (rolled threads on all sections) (Later US/Canadian production subsequently adopted by everyone).

Is my picture correct?