Comical Entry at a Show


That’s some serious sarcasm!
:rofl: :rofl:

Reminds me of the aircraft modeller who built a bomber with open bomb hatches.
If the judge used a mirror to look up into the bomb bay the judge saw the bared rear end of a crew member taking a dump …


I love the humour… I wonder if there are any judges that either take offense or reconsidder their stance at seeing this :smiley:


Dear God that’s funny!!

This is one I saw:



I would think not, as the job of a judge is to be fair but anal for the task at hand. The Internet chair warrior is a different story but even that is not black and white. If your project is planned to be 100% correct then your probably want that input, however it seems most folks are not looking for that so it is unwarranted advice.

But that’s just me, recovering multiple contest Head Judge.

I find the entry funny.

I like that one.

Frigging genius!!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Very clever! 'Love it; a little bit of humour in the hobby is to be more than welcome. Sometime we can all too easily take ourselves too seriously. I’m not denigrating judges - after all - what do I know? I don’t enter competitions, but there are those of the modelling fraternity who suck the life out of you.

A little bit of topic but funny: Several years ago when I was exhibiting with a club, a fellow club member was a serving Army Air Corps Warrant Officer; he produced a series of exquisite helicopter models. A Lynx of his came under especial scrutiny from, how shall I say, a somewhat earnest member of the modelling public. Eventually, after looking this way and that, he opined, “I think you’ll find that this particular helicopter was not fitted with the dooberry-ferkin.” (forgive me but I cannot remember what component or piece of kit he actually mentioned.

Came the reply, from my oppo Tony, “Well, it was there yesterday when I flew it”. Boom!


Autch, that must have smarted!!!

I think this situation was what the word schadenfreude was invented for(!)

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Eh, anal? :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face: :persevere:

Short for anal retentive.

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Ah, okay… There is as far as I know no Dutch translation for this… Any way, another word added to the vocabulary…

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Thanks for that Robin, I was just about to start lunch!

It’s these unique creative touches that give the hobby that sense of creative fun and “god-like” freedom that still make the hobby so enjoyable. :smiley:

What’s more, the Flat Earth jar concept shows that modelers don’t need expensive, fancy, or high-tech materials to convey a message or create a work of art that is the only one in the world.

Now that is funny! :rofl: :joy: :rofl: