Command Conference, Completed

Well well well, that turned out great! Good job on the mud, as others have said. Love the guy peaking out of the loaders’ hatch.

You’re right Jan. I forgot to set him into the ground. He’s just on his peg. I’ll fix that before I shelve this diorama. Thanks

Great dio… You really nailed this one.
Boy, must that guy on the roof feel exposed!!

I fixed that standing figure, Jan. He no longer floats ion top of the mud. :slight_smile: Thanks again.


Really really great diorama! And I love the picture nr8, really as if you are standing there… the background adds to that feeling of realism! Really great!

This came out as it should, conveying urgency and some relaxing with the figures all in relaxed poses. Excellent build

Great idea and fabulous execution. Ace build.