Completed after 11 months: Pakistani Frontier Corps Type-69II build

Yeah like the title states, a long ass journey with this build. I have a full time job and work out of a tool box so that 11 months was a few hours a week on and off

Takom kit, Voyager PE, Aber Barrel, Metal Tracks and a ton of scratch building to convert it to the Pakistani version.

If your interested in build photos you can check out my IG: @scale.model.dungeon



Great work for a heavy worned and dusted look.

Thanks! These frontier core vehicles are very old (transferred from Pakistani army stocks) and poorly maintained by tribal militias - allot of dust, rubble, grease, old camo and painted over insignias in my references photos.

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Nice! How did you do the flag?

Used green stuff epoxy putty. Trick is to use a little less blue than yellow so it stays a tiny bit flexible. then applied custom decals on either side and touched it up with paint. Getting the decals around the folds of the fabric nearly killed me

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Very nicely done!

Very interesting subject and a fantastically well worn and bashed up vehicle.

Great finish and outstanding weathering. That is one bashed up tank. The tracks are excellent.

I love the hubcap top of the fender stowage box, like someone is in the middle of checking the bearing. The mg shield looks great !

Yes! good eye! So the plan was to have a coloured tool box nearby to further demonstrate that, but I didn’t get it done for the competition in time. :expressionless: also the MG shield is completely scratch. Extrapolated the design from photos and cut the styrene pieces. A fun challenge.

Thanks so much!