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so my old computer is near death’s door, i can hear the gears grinding away in the hard drive and getting louder every day, so i have bought an external hard drive to back up my stuff.

so should i just back up documents, pictures, music and videos or would it simply be better to copy the whole C Drive, which have programs/games etc?

also is there a way to back up my growing list of passwords, i know can access them via chrome but i don’t want to write them all out by hand.

all help welcome

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Copying the whole drive will take a long time, and a good part of it will be wasted as you will need to install again the Operating System (I guess Windows) plus all your programs, a simple copy back is not going to work.

So you better copy only the documents (plus videos, music, photos…), and make a list of installed programs to get them back. Remember to backup also if you have add-ons or extensions for them, and saved games in case needed.
If Chrome is your only browser, you can make a backup of bookmarks, stored passwords etc. Many sites explain how, like this:

Remember also to backup your digital certificates, if you have, desktop background image,

That should be enough.

Once the migration is over, you can use the removable drive as a regular backup -computer fail, or can be hijacked… And if you have it duplicated, much better.

I concur!

I would suggest cloud storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.). Sooner or later that external drive is going to give up the ghost too.

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For paswords you might want to consider start using a password manager so you’re not bound to Chrome if a problem with your browser happens or you want to use another browser in the future for some reason.

And I completely agree with Richard, Use cloud storage. Additional benefit is you can use it from everywhere and any device as long as you have a internet connection.

I’m not really familiar with cloud or how to operate it and the stuff that is on my old computer i don’t have to have access to this stuff all the time so i don’t think i need it and I’m not sure how safe it would be to use it.

External drives aren’t subject to internet outages.

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