Confused about squadron

Got an email from Squadron saying they are coming back. That’s good I guess? I bought from them a long, long time ago. So long ago I’m puzzled about what I actually bought back then as I wasn’t buying and building plastic models. But I digress.

The email said this new company bought out squadron’s assets and is rebuilding to be able to make an offering in June. OK. I also saw something on Kitlinx that said they bought out Squadron’s inventory. So I has a confused…

As with anyone entering into business whether I’ll ever do business with them or not, I wish them much success and prosperity.

Saw this on Hyperspace - Squadron Auction, Kitlinx comments

Hopefully, new organization will have more a clue than that last band of management yoyo’s that guided Squadron’s descent into the Abyss.

If you go to something new has shown up.

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Looks like more action is going on at Squadron (Rise of the Phoenix)

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That’s the email I received.

Looks like the site is back up and open for business.

Woot !! I can wear my Squadron hat again…

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I still like Scalehobbyist, but if I’ll go with whoever has what I want,and is it cheaper.

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I will check out their new Squadron site but in all likelihood stick with The Tank Museum for kits cause the dollars go to a worthy cause and Sprue Brothers for most of the other stuff.

Edit - doesn’t look like one can sort by scale on their new site yet…