Connecticut Yankies in His Majesty's Spitfires

(Apologies to Sam Clemens.) Did Yank pilots flying Spitfires (Not Eagle Squadron pilots under RAF command) use US or RAF parachutes? Working on a US pilot for a Mk Vb of the 4th Fighter Squadron, 52 Fighter Group. Figure has the US back pack type chute. The Spit seat is a deep bucket, designed, I presume, for a seat pack chute. If a US chute was used they’d have to stick a couple phonebooks in the seat to raise the pilot up. Also the US chute would shove the pilot forward. (Detrimentally, I dont know. ) RAF chute would be logical, but we ARE talking TWO military establishments here. Thoughts?

I believe so, look for USA units based in the Med and you should find a few in Spitfires.