Conqueror mk 1 ARV from Scottcast

In 1/35, as seen at scalemates.

No idea on price or availablity


It’s already available for sale for 75.00 GBP from Scottcast’s seller (AMS Paints and Accessories). Since Accurate Armour’s full kit retails for 160GBP, by the time you add in the Amusing Hobby kit which is around 30GBP, it does still work out cheaper for the Scottcast conversion, but I expect the AA kit is a bit more detailed, although probably a bit more difficult to build.

I do find this conversion quite appealing. One question: Doesn´t this producer have an own homepage? Is he only selling via AMS? What is the reputation of AMS when it comes to reliability?

EDIT: just got AMS´s answer (on a sunday, what a nice service!)
Thank you!

Scottcast does have a FB page, and I believe they did sell on Ebay for a bit. But I believe AMS is the only place to buy them now.