Content sites duplicating topics on forums

Just an FYI I am aware of this issue. I didn’t know what was causing it till just a few minutes ago. My links on the content sites are fluctuating and aren’t locked down (changing from /news to /vendors to /scale) so that means every new URL is creating a new (duplicate) topic. I will try to resolve this ASAP but for now please just ignore the issue the best you can. I would avoid posting on these automated content posts until I can fix the issue though as some of them might end up biting the dust.


Okay I think I have fixed this issue. URLs from our content sites should now how fairly stable main categories (unless people change them and then we will need to moderate, etc).

However… I was just able to move a comment (or comments) from one topic to another. Bwa ha ha!! :smiley:

I just realized though I am going to have a more serious issue when we shift domain names back to plain ole “”. All these content topics will regenerate anew. :open_mouth:

I will have to give serious thought to whether we just leave commenting off until the changeover.

Because of the duplicating topics issue (and the fact that on the old sites we are using the domain anyway) I have updated the URL for the MSW content site to simply: so now we won’t have deal with these duplicating topics. Also… people who have the main site bookmarked will be getting a surprise. :smiley:

This may play havoc with your saved passwords in browsers so keep that in mind when logging in on the content site.