Convert hobby Boss's M1070 TO M1070A1

I was wondering Is it possible to convert Hobby Boss’s
M1070 to the M1070A1 using components from Accurate Armor’s M1070F?

It looks like the engine cover (hood or bonnet) are similar, but with different wheel arches. Maybe the rear wheel covers are close too. They have different front bumper/light setup and some other areas that differ between them as well.

I recently tried to convert the M1070 into the smaller Global HET, which is a 6x6 version, but has the same hood as the M1070A1. I didn’t use the Accurate Armor hood - I couldn’t find one, so tried to scratch build it - take a look:

Below you can see the comparison - stock hood vs scratch hood:

and just the hood:

This was a lot of work - and still didn’t turn out just right, but it’s pretty close:

Above I superimposed my rebuild over the line drawing. In addtion to the hood being different, so is the front chassis and bumper which is pulled forward and a new/different shape bumper which wraps into the front fender wells.

I’d like to see a kit verion of the Global HET with those high floatation tires!

And yes, you do see a half track conversion as well - I’m using this for a dio, inspired by some work by an artist, Ian McQue. The rear is made from parts from the Orochi Bradley.

Good luck with your project!


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I loves your scratchbuild work!!!