Copper State Canadian Armoured MG Carrier

This has been calling to me from the stash for a couple months now.

As I mentioned when this gem first arrived, this might be one of the nicely packaged models I’ve ever seen. It comes in a well constructed top opening box with a beautifully put together History/Instruction booklet.

There’s only 4 sprues to speak of in well cast grey styrene. A single small sprue with the 3 lamp lights and a decal sheet complete the set.

Styrene is of good quality and the detail is very crisply represented.

The instruction pages use CAD renderings rather than exploded parts drawings. I typically don’t like CAD drawings as I find it hard to correctly orient parts sometimes but Copper State have taken the time to show multiple views to try and avoid this.

The only point of note so far is to be diligent with cleanup. While the detail on the parts is very good, there are some fairly prominent seam lines on everything I’ve see so far that need to be addressed.

Here’s the first few steps for the chassis/engine bay assembled.


Good start

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Thanks Dan. This thing is going to fall together.

One more for tonight.

Got the radiator and steering column installed.

That tiny little rad hose isn’t even the most delicate part on the model. There’s also some excellent bolt detail cast into the cooking fan, though I don’t know if it shows in the pictures. Again, I can’t stress how impressed with the parts quality of this kit.

Also got rear stowage box done up. I chewed up that front edge a little cleaning it but I’ll clean it up along the way. It’s also the bottom edge so it’ll be covered in mud anyway when I’m done. I’ll see if I can’t add some grain texture to those planks as well.


Getting a little work done today.

Got the floor starting to take shape. Did what I could to add some grain texture to the floor. I think it’ll look nice once it’s all painted.

I have no idea what colour the floor should be on this thing. I’m guessing it would have been painted body colour but I may go for bare weathered wood for some contrast. If that ends up being the case, I’m going to have to think about painting it now before moving forward with construction because everything from here on will make it harder.

Anyone have any thoughts on WWI vehicle floors?


Bare wood (I said wood)

On further reflection I think I’m going to split the difference. Green top coat with a wood undercoat and go hog wild with chipping.

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Good plan Sir

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Sounds great Don. I suggest you vary the wood tones.

Got the base colour down for my wood (I think, maybe, we’ll see…)

I think it looks woody enough, if maybe a little new. Most of it will end up green though so I’m hoping between that and a solid application of Flanders mud it’ll look sufficiently beat up.

Since I’m going to be chipping the wood, I’ve also decided to base the rest of the thing in a dark steel colour (50/50 Tamiya Red Brown and German Grey) so I can show some paint wear on the metal parts of the floor and the other high traffic parts. I’m not too sure what the durability of early 20th century automotive paints were, but I’m guessing it wasn’t OD No. 9 anyway.

Also found the first real flaw with this kit

The inside surface of the armoured sides have some very prominent punch marks, which are somehow sunken and raised at the same time. I didn’t take a before picture but you can see one plain as day top right. Those ones are going to be covered by other parts so I let them be.

They weren’t too bad to scrape away, just awkwardly located where none of my tools or blades would reach happily.


Tell us how you did the wood please.

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I scratched some grain into the planks with a knife and razor saw.

Paint is a base of Tamiya Wooden Deck Tan followed by a random spray of regular Deck Tan. Next was a sloppy dry brush of Flat Earth in a few places. Last was a wash with AK Brown for German Yellow which I rubbed off almost immediately.

I think I’m going to try and make some green/grey water stains next.

Thanks, I’m going to try that

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Got some paint down with moderate success.

Chipping worked really nicely on the wood. For reasons known only to the paint gods however, it did not work well on my iron base coat and proceeded to strip it right down to the plastic.

This despite all paints and thinners being the same brand. I may not have let the base coat cure long enough? No matter, nothing a little touch up paint can’t fix.

Now that I’ve got the “interior” of this covered wagon dealt with I can start assembling the body structure.


Looks great Don, will use a few of your techniques when I build mine. What green did you use on the exterior?

Thanks Stephen!

Warranty valid until the paint leaves the airbrush.

The Green is Tamiya Olive Green with a bit of German Grey mixed in until I was happy. The kit calls for something called “green moss” but for the life of me I can’t find any reference to what brand of paint they’re talking about.

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What colour & effects did you use for the wood base? Looks great!

Thanks, it looks good.

They are a bit vague in the instructions. I was leaning towards a slightly greener shade of OD.

I did plan on building it for the Canadian Campaign, but other projects and home life got in the way.

I had Khaki Drab and RAF Dark Green in my hand too at one point. I think I may fiddle with it still as I’m not completely sold either.

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Thanks Carlos!

My recipe is four or so posts above yours.