Correct metal tracks for the extra wide Tamiya sprocket for late Panzer IV's

I have a 1/35 Tamiya late Panzer IV that has been converted to a tank destroyer, the model coming from the 90’s. Hating rubber band tracks, I cannot find a suitable metal track to roll around the sprocket without the track links fitting to the sprocket teeth. The sprocket is just too wide. Is there an aftermarket metal track that can correct this? Everything I’ve have does not fit. I’ll even settle for a 3D or non-metal sets, sufficiently detailed, if proven to fit the wider Tamiya sprocket.


Tamiya 1990’s Pz IV H w/Fruilmodel white metal tracks. No issues with fitment of any of the Fruilmodel 40cm’s in my experience.

Of all the Panzer IV track sets from Friulmodel I have, for some unknown reason I don’t have the ATL-27 set…of which I will now correct! Thanx guys!

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I keep striking out on purchasing a set of the ATL-27. Any of you got an extra set to sell, or know of a set somewhere to purchase??

FWIW - visited Fruilmodel’s website

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Sorry to hear about their health issues, and certainly sorry to hear that they are closing up shop. I would be honestly surprised if someone didn’t buy the company.

3d is the coming thing. Metal tracks will be like buggy whips no way would anyone buy his company.

I rather like metal tracks, but, fair enough, your point is taken. I have tried plastic and resin tracks too, and I have no issue with either material - so long as they are well made - but I still like metal tracks.

Now about those buggy whips. I hate when manufacturers release buggy products. Really folks, do your beta testing before going to market. Unless, of course, we are talking about those fancy bug swatters. Then that’s a whole other conversation.

Found (and bought) two sets of ATL-27 on FleaBay. Thanx to you and other contributors!

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I think the real problem with Friul tracks are the retail price, not the material. If they could find a way to sell them for half the price consistently, they could still compete. But the retail price (last I looked) put them at the price of a kit, and sometimes even more. So not worth the investment. Particularly when there are other competitors doing the same thing cheaper. That IMHO is the real reason 3D printed track is going to edge out metal tracks.


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