Covering up Ship Decks

I have a few ships with some parts of the their decks I want to cover up (like an entire bow or stern). I was initially thinking of putting a canopy or tent on them. I have seen some photos of tents or canopies errected on ships for events like port visits for special occasions. I also thought about fabricating a large tarp or something.

However I have no earthly idea how to go about doing either of those things. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, experience, or better ideas?

Perhaps a wire frame covered with paper towel which was painted with PVA glue? Similar to what armour modelers do?

VMS also makes a product called Paper Shaper which is a liquid resin type thing that I have had a lot of success with.

“Making the very large awning took some thought and work; after leafing through my store of PE parts I decided to use some of my stock of Scheuer&Struever´s 1:250 PE railings for the transversal frames. They were reasonably stiff and could be adapted to the various beams needed. Longitudinal fasteners were made from stretched sprue. The material of choice for making awnings is white glue, yet it only works up to a certain size of the individual segments. In this case with fairly large segments, I decided to try something new; so I bought Cigarette Papers Of Considerable Size. These were carefully prepainted with JPS Acrylic IJN Deck Tan and glued to the framing in various segments using white glue. After trimming the excess and touching up the paint, I sealed the awning with Future.”



Extended railing stanchions or dedicated stanchions, tie down points or rails on the sides of superstructures. Sail cloth, sewn to size just like regular sails, are tied to stanchions and tie downs.


+1 the cigarette rolling papers. Also there are aftermarket PE solutions for the poles, at least for IJN ships, but these could probably be used on vessels of other nations.