Cracked canopy--need to vent

I’m just looking to vent (mostly) and get any ideas on what to do. I was nearing the end of a 1/72 HobbyBoss F-14A when I went to take the masking off the canopy and… proceeded to crack the damn thing down the middle. It’s a nice, 1.5 inch crack that goes from the front and halfway into the RIO’s portion of the canopy. Just my luck, the crack isn’t straight, but instead curves to the side toward the end, making it very visible on the starboard side. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

All the other problems and mistakes with the build I’ve been able to fix. This one seems like it’s game over. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I want to finish the kit, but I can’t think of a way of fixing this without getting a new canopy, and I’m not sure I want to display a bird with a cracked canopy. Any suggestions?



Is there any aftermarket canopies? I know it would suck to shell out money on one though

Does Hobby Boss have good customer service to contact and ask for or buy a replacement?

Would it be possible or practical to try making a Vacu-Form replacement canopy using the original as a master?

If you have any Future acrylic floor polish or some type of gloss coat, maybe try getting the canopy set in shape and dip it in the gloss and if lucky it will fill the crack and make it disappear or at least be less noticeable?

I find that sometimes works if the crack is fairly thin and clean.

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:rofl: I laughed out loud!

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I don’t know, but somehow doubt they will have good customer service given their lousy Website. Let me see if I can find a US phone number for them.

None that I’m aware of, unfortunately, but since I plan to build it with an open canopy, maybe one for another kit might do…

That’s a good idea! I’ll have to go buy some Future (pr Pledge Floor Gloss, or whatever it’s called now) sometime this week to see if I can make it work. This is certainly the cheapest option.

Perhaps this would do, it’s designed for the Hasegawa, but if you’re leaving it open I doubt any differences would be noticeable

Only a few bucks, perhaps one can be sourced closer to you to avoid insane shipping cost

I found a vacuform canopy on ebay. I have never used vacuform canopies before, but it is an option.

@corsutton and @Mead93 Thanks for digging up that canopy. I think I’ll try using Future first and will then look at getting that canopy if the results are not satisfactory.

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I haven’t tried this personally , but I heard once that someone used Tamiya super thin glue? it dries clear. Like I said I haven’t had a need ,Yet.