Creating some new girls for a wasteland setup

Creating some new girls for a wasteland setup using the MB Box as supply for the anatomic parts.

probably some of the Frankenstein DNA is in my blood, first throw away the building plan put everything in a bag, mix it. search for a sharp scalpel some wire and glue. Create with the anatomic parts some new figures.

Next, apoxy sculpt and a lot of patient


So far so good!
According to the box art nobody in the future is fat or ugly.

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Nice concept. If you are looking for any more ladies LiveResin produce some very very likely candidates.

And women’s clothing always seems to be in exceptionally short supply…


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I might suggest that you orient the heads of the three figures at the railing towards the face of the figure sitting to their front and then orient her face back towards them (perhaps the one standing in front of the railing which seems to be the one that’s doing the talking a the moment).

Right now, all four figures seem to be doing their own, individual thing, each one looking in a different direction. They’re associated in space but not not really associated through action or body language (at least to my eye).


I’m liking that Jan. :+1:

Based on observing my own teenage daughters interaction with her friends I would say that each doing their own thing is more or less standard behaviour …

I fully agree that your suggestions would improve the diorama

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Thanks, always trying to use things that brought on.

In Belgium we got a new system of house arrest, it’s called service man.
Pronounced for today, seen nobody. The only good thing on it another day at the hobby desk.

Trying to use the remarks, not always with success but . . . . . everything is a learning process

The idea for the sitting woman, the harley is in my stash

working on the figures

Still a way to go


Next steps, giving the lady’s some more clothes.
Start a brief build of the Harley


Today adding some more details, working on the setting


just looking of it’s going in the right direction


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
small detail, still have to do some fine tuning


:rofl: :rofl: great name… :rofl: :rofl:

Working ? in small steps, searching for the right colours and setting. Trying to upgrade my painting skills.
Converted figures from MB, 1/35 painting in Acrylics