Crew of German SP guns

Were the crews of German SP guns (open and enclosed) infantry, panzer or stug

Is there a web site that can help

Unless I’m mistaken they were considered artillery. I’m sure someone else will have a more definitive answer.

Without being too pedantic, German “SP guns” could be any of three types of unit. Stugs were classified as SP guns by the Allies, but could belong to the Sturmartillerie or Panzer units. The Sturmartillerie wore the Field Grey version of the Panzer clothing and red Waffenfarbe (being artillery). Stugs were frequently issued to Panzer regiments to make up for shortages of tanks, in which case the crews wore the Black Panzer Clothing, or field grey denims or camo (particularly if SS). Their Waffenfarbe would of course be Panzer Pink (Rose Pink). Stugs also appeared in Panzerjager units, in which case the crew could wear the grey clothing or camo and the Waffenfarbe was pink as Panzer. In Heer Panzer Divisions, Panzerjager wore the same Panzer skulls on the lapels as Panzer units, bur Sturmartillerie wore “Litzen”. Open Sturmartillerie, such as the Wespe or Hummel, crews wore the Field Grey Panzer clothing and red Waffenfarbe. Closed Panzerjager, such as the Stug IV, Jagdpanzer IV, should have worn the same clothing, but with Pink Waffenfarbe. Open Panzerjager such as Nashorn, should have worn the same, but since they were Korps units individual Abteilung may have belonged to the artillery. The only likelihood of seeing vehicle crews with white (infantry & SS Panzergrenadiers) or apple green (Heer Panzergrenadiers) would be the crews of SPWs mounting Pak 40 (Sdkfz251/22) or 75mm L24 KWK (Sdkfz251/9 or Sdkfz250/8), which were issued to infantry units. However I have also seen photos of members of vehicle crews (Hummel and even a Panther!) wearing normal field grey uniform. Also don’t forget Stugs were also issued to Luftwaffe and Police units, with their distinctive uniforms. Confusing isn’t it?

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The Tristar German self-propelled gun crew set #2 35007 show different color uniforms

Could use a mix

Need a picture to know. Suspect they are wearing the Reed Green Panzer Denims. If there is a large pocket on the knee of the trousers and the left breast, that’s what they are. Interchangeable with any of the orders of dress I mentioned above. IIRC the MiniArt SP Crew are wearing denims.

A little , but quite thoroughly explained!